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Machine for Sale

Berikut ini beberapa produk mesin-mesin kami, untuk kebutuhan industri anda. Jika anda membutuhkan mesin-mesin industri, anda dapat menghubungi kami dan dapatkan penawaran harga terbaik dari kami.

X5036 Vertical Milling Machine :

1.Using matrix guide good rigidity and stability
2.The workbench and guideway high frequency quenching
3.Workbench for gear transmission automatic feed both in X, Y, Z for electric hoist
4.X5036 for slider lengthened (1200mm)table travel longer and better stability
5.B type milling head adopts automatic feeding device
6.According to the requirements of the user table X direction travel up to 1300mm

Z3080x25 Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine:   

Hydraulic  clamping
Hydraulic  transmission
Hydraulic  pre-selection
Electrical  machinery  double  insurance

JF21 Series Pneumatic Punching Machine:

1. Suitable for blanking, punching, forming, bending,stretching and other achieve shallow cold stamping process.
2. Widely used in electrical appliances, vehicles, tractors, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields.

1. Welded steel fuselage, good stiffness, more stable accuracy.
2. Crankshaft longitudinal discharge, compact structure, beautiful appearance.
3. Die height realize electrically adjustable, digital display to adjust the height.
4. Slider rectangular hexahedron longer rails, with bronze liner, high guiding precision.
5. Combined pneumatic friction clutch brake, smooth engagement, sensitive action.
6. Press down type safety device, ensure the machine overload safety.
7. The slide block is provided with lifting balance cylinder, to achieve the balance block linkage.

1. Using electronic fuel pump, reliable lubrication, digital clarity.
2. The slide block can jog, stop motion emergency, operation more safety.
3. Gas circuit adopts double valve control, sensitive action, press the safety standard.



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